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Kenny and Trish Stahl have owned and operated ReVibe since 2008. ReVibe is currently welcoming new clients for Pilates, massage therapy and Rossiter stretching here in our beautiful city, Colorado Springs.

After college Trish moved from Ireland to America firstly for adventure and then to settle down into a career in law. Her travels brought her to Colorado Springs where she began her career in the corporate world. During this time she was “working out,” but was miserable with the continuing hip and back pain. Trish thought it was normal to have these niggly aches and pains but didn’t want to resort to pain medications for relief. She tried a Pilates class and now, she get’s so excited when she thinks of that first class. She loved the movement. It was graceful and gentle, yet deep. She felt safe and in control. She didn’t need music to get her through, but rather the kind and supportive words of her instructor. Her instructor’s attention to detail made her feel as if she was in her own private class. At the end she felt like she’d given herself a massage even though she had just been moving for a whole hour. Her back felt the best it had ever been. She was so happy to have finally found an exercise regimen that worked for her body and gave her results. Trish never had to struggle again. To her it wasn’t a “workout.” It was movement therapy that healed her body. In 2006 she obtained her comprehensive Pilates certification from master teacher Barbara Huttner through the Barbara Huttner Shapes Program in Denver, Colorado. In the past 13 years she’s taught Pilates throughout Colorado Springs including health/fitness centers of various corporations, the Senior Center as well as training professional dancers and members of the USA Gymnastics team. It is a dream come true for her to help people who are committed to their well being, who are vibrant and want to live a healthy lifestyle that they can carry into their later years.

Trish Doyle-Stahl

Owner, Pilates Instructor and rossiter stretch coach

Kenny Stahl

Owner and therapist

Hello! My wife, Trish and I have owned and operated ReVibe for many years providing quality, caring and goal oriented services to all kinds of wonderful people. I’ve provided massage therapy and many other forms of bodywork for over 28 years and continue to love and grow with the profession. Looking forward to meeting you on my table.

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