Plantar Fasciitis – What is really happening under your foot and how to resolve this pain with Rossiter Stretching Technique

Relieve plantar fasciitis with Rossiter Stretching Technique

I have worked with many clients who have had extreme pain under their foot. Every step they took left them in pain. Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition that affects every part of your life if not resolved. It can lead to awkward movement patterns and keep you from doing the things you truly … Read more

Is my workout not good if I’m not sore the next day?

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No. In fact it’s quite the opposite where Pilates is concerned! Often, extreme soreness the day after a workout, such as weight-lifting, is the result of the way that muscles are worked. In ‘concentric’ muscle contraction, (utilized in weight-lifting) muscles work in a shortened position, which creates tightness in just the superficial muscle groups, but … Read more