Is my workout not good if I’m not sore the next day?

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No. In fact it’s quite the opposite where Pilates is concerned!

Often, extreme soreness the day after a workout, such as weight-lifting, is the result of the way that muscles are worked. In ‘concentric’ muscle contraction, (utilized in weight-lifting) muscles work in a shortened position, which creates tightness in just the superficial muscle groups, but often leaves the deeper supportive muscles weak.

In Pilates, we do utilize this concentric muscle contraction as well, but more often the muscles work ‘eccentrically’. This means that the muscles are being strengthened in their lengthened shape, which is also why many people report feeling taller or longer after a session. The muscle is still working, but the length in the contraction actually doesn’t result in that feeling of extreme soreness because the muscle isn’t shortened.

So if you can walk with ease the day after Pilates, GREAT! That’s the point.. the workout is strengthening the body in a way that allows for this ease of movement and relaxation in the muscles that overwork and cause pain.

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