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Please note, different modalities have different durations. Sessions are sold by duration, not technique.

Deep Tissue Massage

A very popular form of bodywork because many people consistently ask for more pressure to be applied to tense knotted soft tissues. Not quite as specific as NMT or as light as Swedish, deep tissue is usually a generalized full body treatment that can be customized to a specific area of concern. Deep tissue work is slow, patient work, allowing your tissues to release its’ deep-seated chronic tension. This modality can only be scheduled in 90 minutes or more. If you prefer deep work but only want certain areas to be worked upon, or only desire an hour or less, NMT is recommended.

Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy

ReVibe’s premiere modality. Based upon Osteopathic techniques, this very subtle bodywork enhances the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which nourishes the central part of your nervous system, the brain and spinal cord. Your nervous system controls the functions of all other systems of the body: muscles, joints, etc., so if it’s “happy,” other systems are happy. If you are in need of the deepest state of relaxation, this is your modality. 60 minutes is the minimum duration for BCST.

Neuromuscular Therapy

NMT is a well-known rehabilitative modality that can be considered complementary to medicine. Though not medicine, NMT assists the musculoskeletal system in correcting itself of many common dysfunctions and trauma such as whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, strains and sprains, and pain resulting from muscular tension caused by overwork or misuse. Because of its scientific basis, NMT relies on concise testing, palpation, and thorough treatment of your injury or dysfunction. Assessment may consist of gait and postural analysis to formulate a baseline in which to determine your progress as you receive treatment. NMT can be scheduled in 30 minutes or more depending on your initial assessment.

Swedish for Relaxation and Mobility

One of the western foundations of massage therapy and bodywork. This style incorporates oiled gliding, kneading, percussion, friction, vibration and passive stretching into a full-body massage that relaxes and stimulates circulation in the body. A duration of 60 minutes is the minimum required.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is geared toward participants in athletics. Whether you're an olympian, a weekend tennis player or a cross-fit enthusiast, this modality will help prevent injuries, prepare you for athletic activity and maintain optimal conditioning, and help you recover from workouts and injuries. Sports massage can be utilized for: pre-event preparation, post-event recovery, and most commonly, maintenance.

Myofascial Release

The release of restrictions that bind muscle tissue increases mobility while decreasing pain. Fascia is the connective tissue that over time, can accumulate scar tissue and adhesions due to injuries. Softening these scars are crucial for proper muscle release. When many other modalities, like neuromuscular therapy, don’t seem to be working, try Myofascial Release. 30 minutes or more can be allotted for this treatment.

Aromatherapy Treatments

Essential oils are the concentrated essence of nature and herbs that have long been used to nourish our bodies, minds and emotions towards optimal health. There is a wide array of applications, the simplest, adding oils to your bodywork or a complex application such as Raindrop Technique. Raindrop is a specific application of several oils aimed at providing you with deeper relaxation, healthier tissues, boosting the immune and other systems. Combine this technique with at least 90 minutes of bodywork.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage address stubborn fluid buildup and swelling. Very light pressure strokes are applied as the lymphatic vessels are very small and 1/16th of an inch below your skin. Even the pressure used in Swedish techniques can be to deep and literally close these precious vessels. The lymphatic system is the sewage canal of your body. Keep it moving and clean for overall health. 30 minutes or more can be allotted for this treatment.
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