Mindfulness Pilates

mindfulness pilates colorado springs

I’m very excited to add mindfulness Pilates to our services at ReVibe. So why add this if we already focus on the mind body connection in Pilates? In my 10 years of teaching Pilates I have worked with many clients; the client in pain to the client who wants to get that “workout” in or who finds a Pilates session to be a social outlet. We do focus on the mind body connection and we get results but in our current climate I felt the need to take our work a step further so we can be more present. Too often I’ve  seen a client walk in the door for a class with anxiety or worry. Something’s on their mind and it gets in the way of them fully engaging in their class. I myself feel the need for more mindfulness in my life so I can be fully present and available for my clients and provide them the best experience in their Pilates sessions. I need to be present for my family and loved ones so that I can nurture those relationships. 

What is mindfulness? According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.”  

Mindfulness is not a quick fix and takes a lot of practice as we are retraining habits that have been ingrained in us for years. Think of the journey not the goal. 

What are the benefits of mindfulness? They include decreased stress and anxiety, decreased pain and improved quality of life. For me the practice of mindfulness has helped me be more present and not dwell in the past or worry abut the future. I have become more accepting of what is. This is very freeing and empowering. 

What to expect in a Mindfulness Pilates class: In this small candlelit class you will be taken through gentle Pilates movements while building awareness of your body and your mind. We’ll focus on your breath, your body, your senses, your thoughts and your experience. Toward the end of your class we’ll take time in a resting pose with warm lavender towels to allow you to feel more embodied, in synch and be in the here and now!