ReVibe Pilates & Bodywork


Colorado Springs


We are a boutique Pilates studio located on the southeast corner of Fillmore Street and Ute Avenue near Union Blvd. We offer private and semi-private (max 2 ppl) equipment based Pilates with highly trained and dedicated instructors. Our goal is to make your experience fun, accessible and realistic in a safe, warm and welcoming environment with a strong sense of community. We are all about you achieving your goals and ensure that our clients/classes receive tailor made programs that deliver results. We specialize in working with post-rehab clients and those who deal with aches and pains and restricted movement on a daily basis so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.


When you join ReVibe not only will you feel successful and empowered but you will also experience a transformation of your body by:

  • improving your core strength

  • increasing your back strength

  • restoring balance to your muscular system to allow you to move without pain or restriction

  • gaining mindfulness

  • being in a community of like minded people who are committed to their well being, are supportive and want the best for you.


Privates are designed to work with your specific needs by making an assessment of your posture, strengths and weakness. Also, we encourage new clients to take at least two private sessions before joining group classes. If you’ve never taken Pilates equipment classes before, purchase our introductory offer of two privates for $160. If you do have experience, please contact us and we'll get you started in classes.

  • One on one instruction

  • Customized to fit your individual needs

  • Utilize all equipment

  • Learn fundamentals or deepen your knowledge

  • Prepare for group reformer classes


Semi-privates are available for many combinations of students: friends, couples or even a parent and child. This class has only two participants.

  • Great for friends, couples and families

  • More affordable than a private session

  • Enjoy a brisk paced workout

  • Experience the chair, barrel and more

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