Assisted Stretching in Colorado Springs

A natural solution for pain relief and to regain mobility so you can return to your daily activities, sports or hobbies PAIN FREE! Rossiter Assisted Stretching restores easy movement and naturally relieves pain through two-person pin-and stretch release techniques.

What is Rossiter Assisted Stretching (RST)?

RST is an assisted fascial stretch technique that quickly removes pain and muscle tightness at its source. A practitioner anchors connective tissue (fascia) in key areas while guiding you through a series of stretches and movements. It is designed to loosen the connective tissue that feeds into the pain and therefore provides longer lasting results. 

The most important function of connective tissue is to give the body its shape and form. Tight connective tissue changes our shape and form to which we adapt our movement patterns and over time we end up out of alignment and in pain. This can happen from overuse, repetitive strain, injury or age.

One Session


4 Session Package


3 Intro Sessions*


*new clients only

What does RST help with?

Knee pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Back pain 

Neck pain


Tight Iliotibial Bands

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Tennis elbow

TMJ issues 

Hip pain 




Injury prevention

Sports Rehabilitation

Athletic Performance

Whether you have chronic pain or have been in pain for a day, we are here to help you get out of pain naturally and get your life back!

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