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What is Rossiter Stretching?

Colorado Springs

Rossiter Stretching is one of the most powerful methods for targeted relief of structural pain and restriction of movement. It focuses on restoring the looseness and flexibility to the network of fascia, ligaments and tendons that hold the body together, otherwise known as connective tissue. Tight connective tissue is the source of stress, pain and immobility in the body. This safe and effective method targets low back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and many other areas of the body.

Rossiter Stretching is a two person pin and stretch release technique where the Coach strategically and gently places their foot on the tissue and guides you to do specific movements to stretch and restore looseness to the connective tissue. You are fully in charge of the session and our proprietary techniques are performed with you fully clothed on a mat on the floor. Because these Rossiter stretches expand the space in your body, it increases mobility and gives relief from pain. The results are generally instantaneous. It is different in that you stretch your own body with the help of a Rossiter coach. You get pain relief quickly without pain medications or risky surgeries.

Whether you have chronic pain or have been in pain for a day, we are here to help you get out of pain and get your life back!

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