Is my workout not good if I’m not sore the next day?

No. In fact it’s quite the opposite where Pilates is concerned! Often, extreme soreness the day after a workout, such as weight-lifting, is the result of the way that muscles are worked. In ‘concentric’ muscle contraction, (utilized in weight-lifting) muscles work in a shortened position, which creates tightness in just the superficial muscle groups, but … Read more

Why Pilates?

While I was very athletic in high school I became quite sedentary after college and after many years in corporate jobs. I decided to go back to the gym but found that to be quite boring and lonely. It was hard to stay motivated working out by myself. I tried weight lifting and aerobic classes … Read more

Mindfulness Pilates

I’m very excited to add mindfulness Pilates to our services at ReVibe. So why add this if we already focus on the mind body connection in Pilates? In my 10 years of teaching Pilates I have worked with many clients; the client in pain to the client who wants to get that “workout” in or … Read more

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