What is the Pilates reformer?

Pilates reformer Colorado Springs

I often wonder why we think the Pilates Reformer looks like a “torture device.”  I’d like to clear the confusion and show you how versatile and completely non-torturous this machine is! When I first saw a Reformer I was completely intrigued. Seeing people move with grace and fluidity had me sold on this movement method.  

Here at ReVibe we help you learn how to move your body efficiently while addressing your specific needs, whether you have injury or an area of pain/restriction. Our goal is for you to safely and successfully gain strength, flexibility and mindfulness. It’s less about losing weight or getting a sweat but more about achieving long lasting results!

Firstly, you will start with at least one private session so that we become acquainted with your health history and your fitness goals so that we can adapt the session those goals. The Reformer is bed-like frame that has a platform (carriage) attached to five springs which have different weight/tension. Depending on the exercise the springs can add challenge or assistance to an exercise. The carriage moves back and forth on wheels depending on the exercise you do.  Exercises are performed by lying, kneeling, sitting or standing on the carriage. There are also ropes with straps attached by a pulley system, so when you perform exercises with your hands or feet in the straps the carriage moves in response to those exercises and adds resistance to the work. It offers a two-way resistance where you work against the resistance when you push or pull but control the movement on the return. When I first started working on the Reformer I thought if it’s heavy, it’s harder. But I quickly learned that a single light spring can be far more challenging because it takes a lot more strength to control the moving carriage. That just blew me away and I loved how I could strengthen without struggle or pain. Check out the videos below to get an idea of how the Reformer works.

With the guidance of an instructor you will learn the fundamental exercises and understand the mechanics of the Reformer. In a 55 minute session you will perform a series of exercises designed to achieve a strong core and muscle symmetry so that you don’t use one side of your body to do all the work. The mind body connection gained in a Pilates session is so powerful and gives you the tools to apply to your everyday movement. And because we are with you every step of the way you can be rest assured that the Reformer is truly not a torture device! Are you excited to try this amazing machine?

The best way to get started is with our introductory package which includes: 2 Private Sessions  for $95 – Once you have completed your private sessions you will be prepared to take our small group classes (max of 6 people) where you will get to expand upon the movement you learned in your private sessions. Here you will get a taste of how our small group classes run. You will experience a deeper practice, get to perform more exercises and begin to see results. This is the perfect option if you cannot decide between private sessions or classes. Once you determine which option is better for you we can set up a plan that is designed around your goals.

We look forward to working with you!

In health and gratitude.