Learn this stretching technique to help your partner, friends and family stay pain-free and mobile


Learn how to perform this deep fascial stretching technique on your friends and family so you can do it at home! Help them experience quick, profound and long lasting results.

In this 4 hour course you will learn 8 stretch techniques that address low back and hip pain. You will be guided on how to anchor a specific spot to target the problem area and give lost space to the fascia (tissue that surrounds our muscles) and return it to its original shape and form, which results in pain going away.

By taking this course you will help your partner, friends and family unravel bound up fascia that has been limiting their ability to live without pain and discomfort. They will wake up every morning feeling vibrant and ready to meet the physical demands of their day with more stability and no pain!

If you are a personal trainer, Pilates or Yoga instructor, massage therapist etc., you will earn four continuing education credits!

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